VibraSwitch 200 Series – Vibrating Level Switch



Single and Dual Vibrating Level Switches for Solids Applications.

The ECHO Vibraswitch 200 Series uses a piezoelectric crystal that vibrates at a known frequency.  When the material comes in contact, the oscillation  changes and forces the relay to activate. As the material lowers, the normal oscillation resumes and the relay goes back to normal state. Vibration from other sources like conveyors, motors, and material movement are completely ignored by the switch.

The design of the blade profile and the frequency of  oscillation ensures that the probe is able to resist material  build-up, thus providing trouble-free operation. Also, the switch is unaffected by the dielectric constant of the  material, changing materials or changing moisture within the material.

Typical applications may be found in the food, animal feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, quarrying, power generation, cement and other bulk solids industries.  It is suitable for most products including foodstuffs, plaster, cement, chalk, lime, granulates, wood chips, cereals, cocoa, sugar, powders and pellets.

  • Stocktrol Single Blade Switch
  • No Calibration Required
  • Ideal for Low Bulk Densities
  • Optional Rigid & Flexible Lengths
  • Ideal for Low Dielectric Materials


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